Trending Past Chaos

a free-flow about the news narrative

Each day in America, a new frenzy of half-baked political updates make their way through countless media sources and outlets, then filter through an unnaturally biased online social response loop, impacting the ebb and flow of our natural initial reaction. Based on the chaotic pattern of how the news is dispersed, we are left absorbing more anxiety than actual information.

The consistent lack of mindfulness and reliability subconsciously deflates us, as citizens of all breeds and affiliations. Even the ones who have always been attracted to political debate, have long grown weary of this chaos loop.

The damage has settled and corroded, and we cannot restore our hard drives to an earlier date. Amid a compounded democratic breakdown, no candidate will return us to ‘normal’. That is not an actual course of action. The best element we can reclaim is our individual breath.

To many, it feels unwavering clear that this stream of sensational nonsense often links back to the premature actions of a dangerously unfit president. However, the power dynamic is based on mindless habit. He is only able to endanger and exploit what we allow him to. If a nasty comment begins to spin, it should be deemed unfit to report as actual news. A flagged tweet can be blocked, ill-advised, and then fall to the digital wayside.

If it is fought against, the trend can actually shift and the mechanism of hate will fade. People can reclaim an interest in the collective experience. Stripping down the nonsense will open slots of time to report on the real events of interest, rather than another regrettably divisive headline.

Imagine instead, if we all agreed on a minimum level of logic. Holding our news experience to a standard of quality, that is required to include considerations, disclaimers, and mention of a pending perspective. In this scenario, we can choose to pass the megaphone to everyday people who have valuable stories to tell. We can rediscover the reasons for taking an interest in how the ‘others’ live. Only then, can we envision the best way to build more inclusive, sustainable, mainstream systems.

Even during the darkest of times, our depth of compassion and collaboration is more powerful than the toxic impermanence of manipulation. It’s time to return our feet to common ground, turn down the noise, and diffuse the hate we stopped fighting along the way.

Vet the information, calibrate your intentions, and free your voice from behind this screen.

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