The Mirage Of Our Narrative

a free-flow on humankind

Our living planet is filled with countless ecosystems. They can thrive or fail, depending on how often they are disrupted. Temporary sustenance is a truly miraculous phenomenon. Cycling though birth and death, each specific region and its inhabitants relied on their learned survival skills during each passing season. The preservation of heritage and tradition was embedded into this.

As a growing competition for resources began to offset nature’s systems, men allowed that to drive their priorities, and this induced violence. And unnaturally, we became increasingly segregated in the fight for power.

Within the course of this ongoing competition to monetize resources, these men normalized inequality and oppression. They stripped entire cultures of their common sense of belonging. Had these men reflected on the limitations of territorial obsession, they may have discovered that collaboration is the greatest of currencies.

The great tragedy of world history was the inability to protect unconditional love, health, and kindness.

How could we remain so continually subjective to not amend this lack of judgement? How did the purest, most instinctual facets of humanity become so selective? Although so many of us today still believe in the core of humankind, we continue to miss the universal life lesson:

Humanity needs to fight to be seen and preserved.

There may never be one true collective narrative, but a sense of patience, resilience, and mindfulness may allow us to see more clearly, and welcome an objective connection to emerge. One we can engage in at less cost.

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