1st Book: Wearing Her Footsteps

a collection of short stories, poems, and memoirs

Photo by LB

I’m excited to announce the release of my first book, Wearing Her Footsteps.

It’s a collection of short stories, poems, and memoirs… arranged by theme, and accompanied by my own photography. As always, the hope is to try to create an experience you haven’t had before. Buy or download a copy here:

“Wearing Her Footsteps” (Paperback)

“Wearing Her Footsteps” (Digital)

This book has been in the works for well over a year, and has finally become a reality, thanks to all you amazing readers and writers. Many of the stories originally appeared here on Medium, and it was your feedback that helped me develop the idea for how to compile this book. I know you probably see this all the time in the world of #writers, but if you enjoy the book or want to show your support, leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads.

Wearing Her Footsteps | Image and design by LB

This has been a long time coming, and it’s hard to express all the gratitude I feel. Even if I can’t capture everyone in the list below, know that it’s your inspirational work and comments that have motivated me. Your support continues to make me a better writer.

Attila Adam, Elizabeth Helmich, Trisha Traughber, Aiyanah Rose, Alma Awakened, AK (Aaska Aejaz), Rachel B. Baxter, Sylph Hemery, Sylvia Wohlfarth, R Tsambounieri Talarantas, Jessica Lee McMillan, Lindsay Lonai Linegar 🌼, Anna Breslin, A Maguire, Jessica Lovejoy, Giovanni Sonier, Michael Kalistchuk, Dennett, Jason Kravitz, Tre L. Loadholt, Kat Magik, Yasmeen ElGerbi, Adam, Diabetic Cyborg, Brandon Bell, Jasmine Abbi., Annelise Lords, Bridget Webber, Sherry Kappel, Beth Stormont, Michael Stang, Melissa Coffey, Michelle Renee Kidwell, FILZA CHAUDHRY, Erika Burkhalter, Nicole Henley, Heather Oliver, Kathy Jacobs, Carolyn Riker, E. Scott Alighieri, Melissa Toldy, Melissa Bee, Tracy Aston, Tracy Luk, Elle Rogers, Francine Fallara, Wild Flower, White Feather, Blue Fences, Sandy Gordon Frankfort, Gurpreet Dhariwal, Indira Reddy, Agnes Louis, antoinette nevitt, Andrea Juillerat-Olvera, Viraji Ogodapola, Thomas Plummer, V. Plut, GOLSEN, Vaishali Paliwal, Leslie Nicole, Joanne Zarrillo Cherefko, Karin Ross, Breanna Lowman, Bella Linda, Marta Mozolewska, Caelan Rowan McCuen, Deborah Christensen, James G Brennan, Shweta Stormborn, Adenium, Mia Verita, Farida Haque, Charlotte Allan, Seymour Toa, Erik Smith, 𝘋𝘪𝘢𝘯𝘢 𝘊., Manasi Diwakar, Shringi Kumari, Jesse Wilson, Pablo Pereyra, Liv Mello, Melissa sheppard, Gillian Sisley, Stephen M. Tomic, Anna Rozwadowska, Annie Caldwell, DiAmaya Dawn, Josie Elbiry, Ana-Maria Schweitzer, Upasana Sharma, Cocoa Griot, Connie Song, Chris Coolsma, Charlotte Zobeir Ali, Jenine Bsharah Baines, David Rudder, Edis Rune, Deborah Krulicki, Kristen v.H. Middleton, Kim Smyth, Simran Kankas, Edith Espinoza, Jenny, Dermott Hayes, Tabitha Wasserman, Golda Fukesman, Radha Kapadia

Storyteller in orbit, panning for gold clusters of creativity. Author of “Wearing Her Footsteps” https://amzn.to/2LPSidr

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